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Candacraig Hotel

Project Architect 

Status: Phase 1 Construction ongoing. Phase 2 CD Complete. 

Candacraig Hotel was built in 1904 as a colonial monsion by The Bombay and Burmah trading co. in the colonial summer capital of May Myo. The existing building had been redundant for 5 years and sits in over 3 hectares of forest. The proposed hotel is a 5 star resort with 32 keys. The design is an interpretation of the English country garden. The square footprint of the exiting house is repeated to create a series of private walled gardens for individual suites, hotel facilities, BOH, lawn areas, country gardens, water features and a tennis court. In the hilled forest area, the grid becomes less rational to incorporate natural features and lager 2-bedroom forest villas. Original materials such as teak shingles, hardwoods, brick and May Myo render are used throughout the restoration and new buildings

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